International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008 Registration

BlueWater is committed to using our Quality Management System as a systematic approach to driving quality outcomes throughout our company. We have developed a strong QMS that is certified for ISO 9001:2008 and appraised at CMMI Level 3 for Services and Development.

Why this Matters

Our ISO-based approach to BlueWater’s process management is consistent, streamlined, and effective for ensuring BlueWater as an organization continuously delivers quality to our clients. We make sure our programs and projects run at peak efficiency and our solutions exceed client expectations. This applies to contract engagements that our customers and partners see directly, and to internal activities that support our customers and partners such as finance and accounting, contracts and subcontracts management, human resources, facilities and security, and our IT infrastructure.

We Operate to Deliver Results

We use our ISO-certified processes to conduct BlueWater’s business. Our operational staff uses these processes in their interaction with our corporate departments which also use them for working with our business partners and customers. Our entire management team has been trained on their use and has aligned their departments’ execution with the processes. We use an Intranet SharePoint Portal as a repository to facilitate staff access to our forms and procedures. From business development through contract close-out, BlueWater’s quality system provides guidance on execution, documentation, and metrics capturing. We use feedback and metrics generated throughout the year to verify alignment with our Strategic Quality Objectives and to capture any possible process improvements and incorporate them into our standard company-wide procedures. BlueWater consistently receives high rankings on our CPARs and other customer feedback systems due in part to our ISO based processes and procedures.